Denim Shirts for Men! Trendy Or Trashy?

Denim Shirts for Men! Trendy Or Trashy?

Men are sporting a bold new fashion — denim on the top! Are these shirts sexy and trendy? Or should denim be reserved just for jeans? Find out what John and…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Denim Shirts for Men! Trendy Or Trashy?”

  1. Andi Kaufman says:

    Absolutely fabulous!! I love it.

  2. Robbie Pattinson says:

    Instructions weren’t clear enought, got my dick tied around my neck.

  3. Salwa Khan says:

    Superb … Thank u very much .. u helped me alot … :) :) 

  4. Amy Medina says:

    Thanks Lilithmoon for sharing this video! Thumbs up!

  5. roboticsunshine says:

    Thank you for this. I don’t live in a seasonal country hence I’m not
    familiar with wearing scarves but I’ll be going to Europe in a week’s time
    and this is a god send for me. Truly. 

  6. Victoria Cook says:

    Love your accent 

  7. Anna yoEubanks says:

    Thank you!

  8. Priscilla Portales says:

    I’m surprised by your elegance

  9. verun12 says:

    Your scarves are gorgeous. Where i can get such a beautiful scarves? 

  10. Delila Felix says:

    that was amazing!!!!!1

  11. Qianqian Mou says:

    Everything looks just so beautiful on you!

  12. KittyCate105 says:

    Really creative ways and a nice video :D

  13. Fayza Alghawy says:

    Lillth ur russian right?

  14. Alexis Delgado says:

    She really needs to explain it step by step and go slower

  15. marlene escoto says:

    Where can I find a nice big scarf

  16. Lirio del Lo says:

    I really love yours scarfs!

  17. Sandy chan says:

    awsome. nice video, thanks. 

  18. Ava Johnson says:

    so pretty!

  19. RevelryTrove says:

    This video is to be watched like a good Old Hollywood movie; a pure
    delight. Thank you, Lilith, for investing yourself in such a course. I
    would be grateful also to know the following: do you have any tutorial
    regarding this harstyle, which forms such a great harmony with your jacket?
    Thanks in advance for your reply & Happy Women’s Day to you! 

  20. ashley ellwood says:

    I messed up every single one of those. lol

  21. Yvonne B says:

    Thankyou for sharing I have just become addicted to scarves but needed
    different looks to achieve, you have helped hugely thankyou, I loved all
    but the infinity one was the one I liked the most I think xx 

  22. Daphne Flores says:

    I think you saved the best for last. So beautiful Lilith. Thank you

  23. Mahnoor Amjad says:

    Awesome different ways to wear a scarf around your neck

  24. Sumedha Shendge says:

    You are so beautiful :)

  25. Tirzah Ingram-Johnson says:

    You are beautiful, elegant and so creative!! Thank you!! Yrs ago I had a
    young lady that was so sweet, & got me to start selling Mary Kay. Her name
    was Tarjia and her accent was like yours. Where r u from?

  26. Alberto Vives says:


  27. CaptainHareBear says:

    I think the key to denim on denim is simplicity and contrast between the
    shirt and pants.

  28. YoBoi Jon says:

    Denim on denim is fire if you can wear it well. if its slim fitted with
    slim jeans it looks nice

  29. DNYLNY says:

    The last shirt was the best one imo

  30. nailin18 says:

    I’m okay with Denim shirts, I’m not gonna wear them but it can look good.

  31. GreatestAlive29 says:

    Beckham looks good in everything

  32. Thierry le Blanc says:

    John, tell me where you keep finding these women……..

  33. Samuel Jackson says:

    graphics not ornamentation anymore

  34. Hoyt Volker says:

    I have good looking male friends who cant pull this off and look really good

  35. THEJAYMAN212 says:

    Yea thats all so nice a dark denim shirt with light denim jeans can look
    nice im glad denim has come back into style…

  36. IanGeeee says:

    “for men”…does that mean they were just for women?

  37. CoolJZero1 says:


  38. NeATaNDtURdy says:

    That looks lile covered with cum

  39. moviedude22 says:

    canadian tuxedo

  40. IanGeeee says:

    Tja, hier drüben heißts nur Jeans ^^. Aber hier heißt Burger ja auch was
    anderes als drüben :-).

  41. naliuj says:

    John more common room please

  42. Baloo Dumptruck says:

    They look fine on all orientations, there are lots of straights who can
    pull it off too

  43. SangtotheDy says:


  44. andrewjdb95 says:


  45. Kyle Morrissey says:

    When are you bringing back Bro Tips?

  46. Determinedbookworm says:

    Do a Trendy or Trashy about young men wearing saggy pants please. It’s
    associated with Rap and Prison culture but has become mainstream where I
    see young man of all races wearing them (especially here in NYC) I would
    like to see your thoughts on it.

  47. aboud habatain says:

    Dont miss understand me, But he started to sound gayish the moment he said
    aggressive… Denim on Denim is fine as long as there is a contrast between
    the two.. one should be darker than the other…

  48. Ken Lee says:

    I think denim on denim looks fine. Till this point, I still wear it.

  49. Marshall Heim says:

    I hate denim jackets with the same color jeans. It looks awful.

  50. Ivana Gump says:

    newsflash, nobody cares about denim shirts for men