How To Care For Womens & Men’s Leather Jackets Its a good idea to protect your leather jacket right after you buy it. Whether its a leather bomber jacket, black …
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Full review at where we compare the Women’s MontBell Frost Sm…
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6 Responses to “How To Care For Womens & Men’s Leather Jackets”

  1. 1978mtb says:

    have your jacket cleaned once a year by a professional leather cleaner.They
    refinish them also in the cleaning process and press them! they can make
    them have a distressed look also like a bomber jacket if you request it!
    But a lot of people don’t know what they have and 80 percent of the time
    they are pig skin hide.How to tell? look to see if there are any small dots
    on the coat.If there is then its a pig skin leather or suede.The dots are
    the pores of the animal.

  2. 2010sharoon says: has a great collectin of all ranges of mens and
    womens leather jackets visit now

  3. jennbby2010 says:

    i need a leather jackety they are so coooollll

  4. PinoyPogiman says:

    you can get them in local Thrift stores already broken in. just find one in
    good condition. i got 2 at nice cheap prices in such good condition! from a
    local Thrift Store

  5. apincle says:

    apply mink oil once a year. My leather jackets have been around for ages

  6. Paul Jersey says:

    Shoe polish works great!