Online Shopping HAUL and Discounts ♡ Rosewholesale

Hello lovelies! Found a really awesome cheap clothes shop so thought i’d show you guys the stuff i got c: DISCOUNT CODE ROSEYOUTUBE FOR 10% OFF ANY ORDER!! h…

Mit der Dakine WOMENS EMILIA Outdoorjacke bist Du diesen Winter bestens angezogen und dank des Pelzes, ein Hingucker auf der Piste! Die intelligente DWR Impr…

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25 Responses to “Online Shopping HAUL and Discounts ♡ Rosewholesale”

  1. Crystal Going says:

    Ohmygosh that website was amazing all the clothes are fantastic but
    shipping is so expensive for me!

  2. Pia Aiken-Ericson says:

    Is it good quality??

  3. poppylune says:

    Everything suits you so well! I love the peter pan dress, is the shipping
    reasonable toe the UK? xx

  4. Mitch Gullett says:

    Im Proud to be British here! Lol

  5. KatChats says:

    Haha aww I always smile so much when I watch your videos. They put me in
    the best mood! You’re sooo cute!!! <33

  6. Laura Silva says:

    love those kitty ears they are so cute

  7. Joshua Parr says:

    Can u do some more impressions they r really good 

  8. McTop kills says:

    Your damn cute :p

  9. ashcz002 says:

    You should cover when will my life begin from tangled

  10. Jenis Ng says:

    Where are your plush Alpaca’s from? I went on but they ony do
    6inch ones, from what I see their bigger than that. I also LOVE your
    videos!! ;3 x

  11. Karissa Styles says:

    Your modelling is so cute though

  12. Jane Mellett says:

    I have the same struggle with Clothes- mainly jeans! I really hate being
    skinny >~<

  13. Crutchlow13 says:

    oh my gosh you are soooo cute (´∀`)

  14. Chloe Duncan says:

    The button is so you can roll up the sleave and there should be a thingy
    that ties to the button

  15. Charlotte Wood says:

    Just like to thank you so much I have been looking for a place to buy cheap
    small outfits as places like Forever 21 is so expensive and cant ever find
    a size that fits me :( will be using this website from now on.

    Thanks Love you babe :)


  16. zoesunicorn says:

    I think you’re my new favorite Youtuber

  17. Nessie says:

    i wish i was smaller. damn asians. why cute clothes and only have one size?
    D: <

  18. Noodlerella says:

    Hello Lovelies! Another HAUL video for you, i’d love to hear what your fav
    items are, this will probably be my last haul video for a while c:

  19. vidastar4●ω● says:

    Room Tour pleaseeeee <3 I love your room! And i want to know how it is <3 

  20. Sami Lovegood says:

    aah i really want that cat hairband!!

  21. Lottie Sproston says:

    I love u ur great I was 6 person to like

  22. Melonawestar says:

    My Mum might actually let me get something from this place because it’s so
    cheap! (this is RARE :P )

  23. Priya Kumari says:

    Good video and plz do a room tour xx 

  24. KillingOverdose says:

    Glasses suit you :P and how tall are you as you don’t look small or you
    mean your body size :3 :)