Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring Lookbook 2015

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24 Responses to “Spring Lookbook 2015”

  1. Meow Moosawi says:

    Just perfect!!!

  2. Sophie Cole says:


  3. Rachael And Hannah says:

    The short hair actually looks really good

  4. Maddie Deans says:

    First comment – I love you Emma

  5. starseer73 says:

    I really like those red pants

  6. Dolly Drastic says:

    I really need to know where you got your Dalmatian print jacket? I l♥ve it

  7. deltavee2 says:

    So Emma, this is the first boxes of foxes vid that I’ve looked at and you
    looked just fucking fabulous. Been subscribed for a good while now, since
    The Promise. You are just going from strength to strength as you grow and
    it’s nice to see. Love your smile, especially the killer one.
    Congratulations on a job well done on this vid. Catch you later.

    Edit: I just watched it twice more just for the yum factor. You do that.

  8. LPSWhovianLion says:

    If someone ever asks me about my sexuality, I’ll answer ”I’m into boys

    And Emma Blackery”

  9. Sophie Crichton says:

    This is actually really professional, unlike many cheesy look books! Very
    well done :)

  10. madalmonds says:

    you are so perfect are you even human
    like stop
    also could you do a video on your experience with tattoos? like how it
    felt, how happy you were with it etc.? I love you anyway 

  11. Louise x says:

    best lookbook i’ve seen!

  12. Sophie Marx says:

    All the dropdead.. A bit jealous of all the dropdead honestly 

  13. Emily Marshall says:

    This was adorable and I think I need almost all of those clothes! :D

  14. Melanie V says:

    Your short hair looks so cute with all these outfits!! :) 

  15. Eve Bennett says:

    this put my Lookbook to shame! You go Emma!!

  16. Naomi Not Campbell says:

    “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

    Nah but u hella cute tho.

  17. George Rushton says:

    Top tip business tip: Keep those clothes until they stop selling them in 6
    months time.
    Shit’ll be worth twice as much.
    Sold my old drop dead jacket that was collecting dust, fuckin’ 60 quid for
    the thing. 

  18. Maddy Amos says:

    Isn’t that t-shirt at 0:10 Luke’s? he wore it in his latest video didn’t
    he??? Or am i wrong?

  19. maya says:

    You really remind me of grace from TFIOS for some reason.. The cute almost
    tomboyish but goofy girly style and the hair :) 

  20. thatlittlenerdy says:

    you fucking look good in every item of clothing ever made.

  21. 02Acquamarina says:

    Ok I’m sorry if this might come across as hate, it’s really not my
    intention but I’d like to express my opinion as a non-12-year-old. I get
    that taste is subjective but why would you want to dress at 23 as if you
    were 13? It looks like you have recently moved backwards to a more childish
    style, maybe to appeal your audience. But more importantly, why you would
    film something in which you clearly look uncomfortable with your
    appearance? Overall, it looks like you forced yourself into doing something
    just because it’s in trend these days and that you didn’t really know how
    to do it (like by throwing in all those prints to make it look trendy).
    Again sorry. Now kill me

  22. Dil Howlter says:

    wow you’re just an adorable little shit aren’t you emma

  23. OwenBruch22 says:

    This is like a Hot Topic/Urban Outfitters add!

  24. boxes of foxes says:

    song used is now in the description! :)